Sunflower Apothecary
Solid Perfumes
Essential Oils
3D Pink Pig Earrings
Made from strong powder coated Alloy
Looks like pig is flying through your ear
Fits through ear like a regular stud earring
But looks like a gauge $9.95
Cloud Raindrop Stud Earrings
Fluffy cloud earrings 
Frosted silver clouds with Crystal raindrops $9.95
Pair of Cat Kitten Dangle Earrings.
Cats tail is the earring hook
Sterling Silver Plate $9.95
Sterling Silver Kitten Cat Necklace
Sterling Silver Plated Alloy
Tiny Climbing Kitten Cat On Sterling Silver Chain
I also stock matching stud earrings $9.95
Sterling Silver Fox Stud Earrings.
Sterling Silver Plated 
Fox Face Earrings
Approx width 1.2cm $9.95
Silver Kitten Cat Stud Earrings.
Sterling Silver Plated Alloy
Tiny Climbing Kitten Cat Earrings
We also stock matching necklaces $9.95
Steampunk Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Locket.
For Perfume & Essential Oil
Each necklace has a stunning hollow, patterned locket on a beautiful Brass chain and comes with
3 multi coloured diffuser pads. (pads are reusable/washable)
How does it work? The diffuser locket opens up to hold a colourful pad, on which you place a couple drops of your favourite essential oil or perfume.
You will enjoy the beautiful aroma all day long! 
Locket size: 3.2cm x 3.2cm 
Chain length: approx 79cm 
You will receive 1 oil diffuser locket on a brass chain, and 3 colourful diffuser pads. (pad colours are sent randomly) $12.50